Exhbition Trailers

Businesses use the exhibition trailer for displaying their products at exhibitions and other areas where they can increase their sales by allowing people attending the exhibition or staying in the location to see their products without having to set up a permanent structure. The trailers offers the opportunity to these individuals to carry their wares from one place to the other without the need of packing up the goods had the displayed their wares in a kiosk. The good news is that one can use the exhibition trailer for medical purposes as well. It is not possible to set up health care centres in every part of the city, as it is not financially feasible to set up a healthcare centre in a village or town that has only a handful of people. The harsh reality is that people in such remote areas need medical treatment too, and their only option is to travel to the nearest town or city where such facilities are available. They no longer have to do so, as they can take advantage of the hospital on wheels for the purpose. No doubt, this type of facility cannot offer all the facilities provided by nursing homes and hospitals. However, it can well provide facilities such as blood donation, and other emergency services.

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Configuring the trailer

The trailer needs to be configured before it can be used for medical purposes. The first step is to strip the interiors of the trailer and fit is with medical equipment and accessories such as a bed along with a stretcher. One needs to include a bracket on its wall for holding an oxygen cylinder. A portable electro cardiogram machine plus a boiler (for sanitizing the medical tools before they are used) also needs to be included inside the vehicle. The exhibition trailer should also have a space for storing medicines, including a small fridge for storing certain medications that have to be stored below a specific temperature. Once these jobs are completed, the trailer is ready for use. It can be taken to any place irrespective of its height or distance to provide emergency medical services to people of that area. The biggest advantage of such a mobile nursing home is that it allows doctors to examine critically ill patients and provide them with medicines to stabilise their health so that they can be taken to a hospital or nursing home in a different town or city.